August 4, 2017

The finalists for the 2017 Full-Length Contests have been selected. Thank you so much to all the writers who submitted; it was a joy and a privilege to read so many fantastic manuscripts. A big congratulations to our finalists! The winners will be announced in early September.


  1. Ash Sonata by Steve Bellin-Oka
  2. Spoil by Alyse Bensel
  3. Luso-American Ephemera by Marina Carreira
  4. Darling Nova by Melissa Cundieff-Pexa
  5. The Crossing by Joseph Fasano
  6. A Pony Called Loneliness by Sonia Greenfield
  7. Ordinary Chaos by Kimberly Kruge
  8. Life Without Furniture by Sharon McDermott
  9. BEAM by Owen McLeod
  10. The Displaced Children of Displaced Children by Faisal Mohyuddin
  11. Dawn’s Early by Gloria Munoz
  12. dig up the wind by Julie Sophia Paegle
  13. Songs about Women and Men by Dawn Potter
  14. Mother Tongue by Julia Parlette-Carino
  15. Notes on Vanishing by Cammy Pedroja
  16. Cleaning the Ghost Room by Tatiana Forero Puerta
  17. Mission Boulevard by Martha Silano
  18. We Call Them Beautiful by KC Trommer
  19. Creep Love by Michael Walsh
  20. Slow Weather Hymnal by David Welch
  21. The Marriage of the Moon and the Field by Sunni Wilkinson


  1. Jillian in the Borderlands by Beth Alvarado
  2. Hermosa by Marisa Clark
  3. Sybelia Drive by Karin Cecile Davidson
  4. The Intersection[s] by Jen Ferguson
  5. The Registry of Displaced Persons by Emily Franklin
  6. Do Not Go On by Bryan Furuness
  7. China Blue by Catherine Gammon
  8. I am Faithful by Jenny Irish
  9. The Ghosts in the Glen: Stories by Kerry Jones
  10. Bwa Teneb: Stories and a Novella by Kai Maristed
  11. All Roads by Colleen O’Brien
  12. Unnatural by Aimee Pogson
  13. The Way the Heart Beats: Stories by Midge Raymond
  14. Blessed Encounters by Glori Simmons
  15. A Kind of Solitude by Dariel Suarez
  16. Melanie Loves Edith by Michele Swide
  17. The Involuntary Sojourner by S.P. Tenhoff
  18. Liminal Domestic by Zach VandeZande
  19. Kings Row by Jeffrey Voccola
  20. Broken Vessel: Stories by Ross Wilcox


  1. Ordinary Devotions by Beth Alvarado
  2. The Road From Emmaus Betty Jo Buro
  3. throughsmoke: an essay in notes by Jehanne Dubrow
  4. Field Trips: Essays by Matthew Ferrence
  5. Paper Sons by Dickson Lam
  6. ‘Til I Am: A Lyric Memoir by Jen Maidenberg
  7. Spell Heaven by Toni Mirosevich
  8. Walking Backwards: Essays by Anne Panning
  9. Theory of World Ice by Beth Peterson
  10. She Lived and the Other Girls Died by Kirsti Sandy
  11. The Hourglass: Meditations on the Body by Julie Marie Wade
  12. In Praise of Inadequate Gifts by Tarn Wilson