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Welcome to Autumn House Press

Congratulations to the finalists in the 2014 Autumn House Full-Length Contest!

Practicing the Truth by Ellery Akers
Boat Knock by Idris Anderson
And Now, the Road by Jenne Andrews
flicker [open book] by Lisa Bickmore
Drinking as a Political Act by Sarah Browning
Kung Fu of the Dark Father by Dane Cervine
California Winter League by Chiyuma Elliott
Dear Dr. Frankenstein by Sarah Grieve
Scale Model of the World by Éireann Lorsung
Under The Bodhi Tree by Josephine McKendry
The Lachrymose Report by Sierra Nelson
Inland Sea by Debra Nystrom
Better Looking by David Oates
The Name of this Book is Swan Lake by Jose Padua
Chaos Bird by Minh Pham
October’s Wishbone by Mark Rubin
Barrel Roll by Austin Segrest
In the Sadness Museum by Susan Thomas
Creep Love by Michael Walsh
Late Summer’s Origami by Heather Yanda

The finalists have been sent to Alicia Ostriker, the final judge, who will select a winner to be announced in September.

The Ghosts in the Glen by Kerry Jones
This Is What Love Is by J.C. Dickey-Chasins
The Experiments by Rachel May
What My Last Man Did by Andrea Lewis
Whiskey, Etc. by Sherrie Flick
How These Things Start by Kelly Martin
Truth Poker by Mark Brazaitis
Excommunicados by Charles Haverty
Thaw vs. Thor by Martin Ott
When You Are Done by Joe-Ann Hart
Best Boots I Ever Ate by Steven Levi
Walkin’ in Tall Cotton by Shantee Hayward
How to Play by Jeanie Chung
Nothing Left to Lose by Stuart Liss
Vietnam. Fucking Vietnam by William Pancoast
We Are The Children by Kate Krautkramer
The Suicide Club by Toni Graham
The Rummy Club by Anoop Judge

The finalists have been sent to Sharon Dilworth, the final judge, who will select a winner to be announced in September.

A Sliver of Shade: Six Years in an African Village by Jill N. Kandel
Bestiality of the Involved by Spring Ulmer
The Art of Being Born by Marica Aldrich
Fondue Winter by Gail Folkins
Couchsurfing: the Musical by Gary Pedler
Thank Earth You by Armand Daigle
Detour: Hollywood by William Dickerson
Bats, Beads & Bullies: A Fictionalized Childhood by Bill Vernon
People Pass Through You by Beth Alvarado
Still So Much to Say by Jeff Jones
The Easter Moose: One Family’s Journey Adopting Through Foster Care by Catherine Marshall
The Last of Her by Kim Kupperman
The Missing Sister and Other Stories by Julie Wade
In Your Line of Sight: A Reconciliation by Christine Hale
Reckless by Katharine Coles

The finalists have been sent to Dinty W. Moore, the final judge, who will select a winner to be announced in September.

The winners will receive a $1,000 advance against royalties and a $1,500 travel/publicity grant. Their winning manuscripts will be published early in 2014.

We received approximately 1,300 submissions, and the judges and editors were particularly impressed this year by the high quality of many of the submissions.

Thanks to all who participated by submitting manuscripts!

***Autumn House poet James Tolan was interviewed for New Letters: On the Air. James reads from his book, Mass of the Forgotten and discusses co-editing the 2012 collection of drama, poetry, and short stories called, New America: Contemporary Literature for a Changing Society. Listen to it here:

Steve Schwartz’s collection, Little Raw Souls, won the 2014 Colorado Book Award in Literary Fiction! Autumn House is so proud!

Autumn House is thrilled to announce that Gerald Stern, author of Not God After All, is the 2014 recipient of the Poetry Society of America’s highest award, the Frost Medal. Congratulations Gerald!

Autumn House is pleased to announce that Clifford Thompson’s brilliant collection of essays, Love for Sale, won the 2013 Whiting Award! Way to go Cliff! ***

We hope you’ll explore our selection of extraordinary poetry, fiction, and non-fiction – for your own enjoyment, for classroom use, or as gifts for friends and colleagues.  You can also learn about our annual Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Prizes, as well as our online journal, Coal Hill Review. (Please note that Autumn House accepts unsolicited manuscripts only through these competitions.) Or check out our upcoming readings and community outreach events.

Many of our books and their authors have won acclaim. In January 2013, Steven Schwartz’s Little Raw Souls: Stories received a *starred review* (highly recommended) in the American Library Association’s Booklist. Sue Ellen Thompson, author of The Golden Hour and The Leaving, as well as editor of The Autumn House Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry (all published by Autumn House Press), was awarded the 2010 Maryland Author Award from the Maryland Library Association. Elizabeth Kirschner was named Maine’s Literary Fellow for 2010 for her book-length poem My Life as a Doll published by Autumn House Press. George Bilgere’s The White Museum won an award from The Lit, a nonprofit corporation based in Cleveland, for best poetry book published in 2010. Robert Gibb’s What the Heart Can Bear was named one of the Best Books of 2009 by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Another recent release, Blood Honey by Chana Bloch, was selected by Jane Hirshfield as the winner of the Alice Fay di Castagnola Award from the Poetry Society of America. Naomi Shihab Nye selected Samuel Hazo’s Just Once for the Maurice English Poetry Award, and Hazo also garnered the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Radius of Arab-American Writers. And finally, Julie Suk was the recipient of the Brockman-Campbell Prize, selected by Colette Inez, for her book The Dark Takes Aim.

As recognition for its work in literary publishing, the Autumn House community was recently honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, presented by Senator Wayne Fontana. Here’s what the certificate says, in part:

“What makes Autumn House so special is that it is a community of volunteers, modestly-paid staff and supporters, all of whom believe that fine literature can make a real difference in our lives and our culture. The work of Autumn House Press ensures that American poetry is being published and, by its act, is nurturing the great American poetic tradition. Autumn House Press’ mission is a laudable one, and its leadership makes our community a better place in which to live. Autumn House has earned the admiration of the arts community.”

We invite you to browse our catalog (here), to learn more about the press (here), and to join us at one of our many events in the Pittsburgh area (here).  Subscribe to our RSS feed (here) and stay up to date on the latest Autumn House happenings. Also feel free to “Like” our Facebook fan page (here) and to follow us on Twitter (here).